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Give Our Rising Stars a Chance!
Every child is a rising star, each one in possession of achievable aspirations, assuming their talents are properly nurtured. At the Julian Brown Memorial Fund, we are not idealists, but we are certain of the transformative power of providing children with chances. [ Read More]

The Julian Brown Memorial Cup
The 4th annual Julian Brown Memorial Cup Soccer Tournament was held in Charlotte, NC on the weekend of April 19-20. Over 270 teams from eastern seaboard states, along with teams from Limoges, France participated in the tournament. [ Read More ]

The New Julian Brown Memorial Fund Website
The Julian Brown Memorial Fund announces the launch of a new website, designed to bring you news of interest regarding matters of scholarship, athleticism and character. [ Read More ]

Friends and Sponsors
We wish to acknowledge the many individuals and organizations that have contributed to the Fund's mission of promoting outstanding scholarship, athleticism and character among youth. They have clearly distinguished themselves as "friends of the fund"! [ Read More ]


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