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Julian Brown Science Award

Science Award Image 1.jpgThe Julian Brown Science Award is presented annually in Charlotte, North Carolina. The award is issued in honor of Julian Brown, whose two-person team won first place in one of the most challenging events of the 2004 Regional
Science Olympiad Tournament.  By issuing this award, the faculty members of Myers Park High School have chosen to honor Julian’s legacy by recognizing a senior who has demonstrated perseverance and high performance while preparing for and competing in one of the tournament’s most challenging events.

As students of Myers Park High School, which is continuously rated as one of
America’s Best High Schools by U.S. News and World Report, the award recipients consistently reflect scholastic and
 Science Award Image 2.jpgcharacter attributes that exemplify the best in student achievement. In order to motivate students in other schools to excel in science and character, the Fund is seeking to augment the award and expand the scope by issuing $1,000.00 scholarships.

There are various ways to support the Julian Brown Science Award. You may sponsor a
Scholarship in Full ($1,000.00), purchase a Scholarship Share ($50.00), or make a minimum contribution of $10.00 by selecting one of the DONATE buttons on the right side of this page. 

Either of these choices is much appreciated. Your contributions are deductible to the maximum extent permissible by tax law!


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