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Memorial Soccer Scholarship

269726-R1-00-1_001[2].jpgThe Julian Brown Memorial Soccer Scholarship was established to offset the expense of playing recreational, challenge and classic/premier level soccer. These expenses, usually in the form of team participation fees, can vary significantly, from $250.00 to well over $2000 per year, depending on the club, age  of the player and skill level.

The nominating committee of the Julian Brown Memorial Fund selects the scholarship recipients based on a  review of the applications, transcripts, references, and indicators of financial need.  The applicants must reflect the attributes of scholarship, athleticism and character. 
There are various ways to support the Julian Brown Memorial Soccer Scholarship. You may sponsor one
of three full scholarships (Recreational/Youth-269729-R1-21-22_022[2].jpg$250.00
; Challenge-$700.00; or Classic/Premier-$1500.00), purchase a Scholarship Share-$50.00, or make a minimum contribution of $10.00 by clicking 

 DONATE NOW on the right side of this page.

Any of these choices will be much appreciated by families of the young people we support. Your contributions are fully deductible to the maximum extent permitted by tax law!

Top: Julian Brown scholarship award winner Thomas Brown, at the 2008 Julian Brown Memorial Cup Tournament

Bottom: Sven Picton-not a scholarship recipient- participating in the 2008 memorial ceremony> He was Julian's teammate on the North Carolina ODP team that traveled to France in April 2004.



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