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How We Operate

JBMF_Logo_4C.jpgThe Julian Brown Memorial Fund (the “Fund”) conducts fundraising events and solicits contributions to provide athletic scholarships and other  awards through nonprofit organizations (e.g., a scholarship to a soccer camp held by the YMCA).

The Fund is a public charity, contributions to the Fund qualify for the maximum allowable deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes, though certain types of contributions are not deductible, such as raffles, auctions and other contributions for which the donor received
 a benefit.  The Fund's Board of Directors has advisory privileges with respect to the FFTC Logo.gifFund.

Major decisions of The Julian Brown Memorial Fund are governed by the Board of Advisors or by other established guidelines and operating conventions.   You may ask other questions regarding our goals and objectives by using our automated frequently asked questions (FAQ) feature




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