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TAMPA 2004 HEADER.jpgEvery child is a rising star, each one in possession of achievable aspirations, assuming their talents are properly nurtured. Unfortunately, far too many children are victims of enduring poverty, a family in crisis, or other circumstances over which they have little or no control. These circumstances often have unfortunate long-term consequences. At the Julian Brown Memorial Fund, we are not idealists, but we are certain of the transformative power of providing children with chances.

The Julian Brown Memorial Fund seeks to be a catalyst of success for children and teens by emphasizing the attributes, and contributing some of the resources that enable it.   We promote scholarship, athleticism and character, through fundraising and community outreach. Because education is integral to success, we promote scholarship by sponsoring and supporting awards of recognition for academic achievement. 

JULIAN HEADER  200PPI_website.jpgWe promote athleticism by offering financial assistance and enabling access to the game of soccer for student-athletes. In doing so, we act on the basis of a vast body of research proving, that when children play soccer, one of the most popular and physically demanding of all team sports, physical fitness, academic performance and teamwork skills improve.  It may interest you to know that a soccer player in the United States has a cultural link with 140 countries and over a billion people that are avid soccer fans.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we award character.  We believe that character is the engine that enables all forms of enduring achievement. We honor the attributes of honesty, perseverance, generosity, fairness, integrity and concern for others.

Why don’t you join us in elevating the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our children?    


Top-James Carroll heading the ball, Tampa, FL; December 2003

Bottom-Julian Brown (Airborne), 2004; Charlotte United Gold Premier Team      


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