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Remembering Julian: Friends and Family

Trinity Brown High School Graduation.jpg

Julian's family members and friends were at the center of his world.   There was nothing he enjoyed more than engaging in rich conversation, enjoying a good laugh or "leaving it on the field" with the people he loved most. Even as he considered himself to be the fortunate one for having such a circle of support, those of us who formed that circle knew that we were the ones that benefited most.

Julian was always a great source of humor, intrigue and consolation for the  family. On holidays, he baked the bread, created hilarious menus and joined his sister to provide the after-dinner entertainment.  he was the meteorologist-the one who would stay awake to witness the falling of the first snowflake and then run through the house in the middle of the night yelling, "It's snowing!" He was also the one who knew just the right words to

Grandfather (Tom), and 2 great uncles.jpg

say to lift the family's spirits when anything went awry.

No matter how busy he was with academic, athletic and other pursuits, he always made time to spend with his ever-expanding group of friends.  In his neighborhood, at school, on the soccer field, at camp, and in many other places, Julian established friendships that withstood the test of distance and time. His friends were an integral part of his life and he was a source of joy and encouragement for them.

Julian's Uncle Harry-Body Image.jpgImages:

Top right: Julian's sister, Trinity Brown on high school graduation day, 2004

Middle: Julian's grandfather, Tom Brown-left, and uncles Nick and Edgar

Bottom: Julian's uncle, Harry Andrews


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