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The Julian Brown Memorial Fund Scholarships were established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to children and teens through organized non-profit athletic clubs in the state of North Carolina. These clubs must offer organized and competitive soccer programs. The scholarship is based on merit, scholastic achievement, athletic ability, character, and financial need. The scholarship covers all or part of the team fees normally charged by an athletic club to a student-athlete who makes the team via tryouts or other fair and impartial selection criteria. The scholarship applicants shall be considered without regard to race, religion or national origin. There are limits to the amounts that the Fund will award, and those limits are based on the level of club participation. The following are the maximum amounts: Recreational Soccer-$250.00; Challenge Level-$700.00; Classic/Premier-$1500.00. __________________________________________________________________ Qualifications and conditions
1) The applicant’s grade point average (GPA) must be 2.5 or better on a 4-point scale.
2) The applicant’s GPA must be verified via official school email, signed letter from a school officer or official transcript.
3) The applicant must provide at least one written reference from a non-family member.
4) The decision of the Julian Brown Fund Nominating Committee is final.
5) The applicant must be a resident of the state of North Carolina.
6) The applicant must be a student (grade 12 or lower) at the time that the application is submitted.
7) The applicant must be associated with an organized non-profit athletic association.
8) The deadline for this application is February 28, 2009.
9) This scholarship, if awarded, is for one season during the calendar year which begins May 1, 2009.
Procedures for application filing
1) An adult parent, guardian or responsible party, should supervise the completion of this form. Incomplete applications or those received on other forms will not be considered.
2) Obtain a written reference from an adult non-family member (e.g. a teacher, principal, minister, or family friend).
3) Attach your transcript or grade point average (GPA) confirmation to the application. Confirmation can also be in the form of a letter or email from a school official.
4) Send this application with the above attachments via email to applications@julianfund.org or fax this application and the required documents to 212-937-3381. Document attachments sent using email must be in MS Word or PDF format.
5) For clarification or questions, please send an e-mail to customerservice@julianfund.org.
6) All information is held in strict confidence and will only be shared with the Nominating Committee of the Julian Brown Memorial Fund.

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