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In a recent address to the Harvard graduating class of 2007, Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, explained that he had recently attended two distinctly different events.  The first was the launch of Windows Vista, and the second, a meeting of notables, whose purpose was to discuss how to save a million lives from the ravages of poverty and disease.  The launch of the operating system was a glamorous event, complete with music, lights and media coverage. The other meeting, which he described as “boring,  even for me”,  was at the opposite end of the excitement spectrum.

Mr. Gates made an important observation: There is an inverse relationship between the causes that get attention and the causes that need it.  Businesses must, therefore, think differently about what they support and how this support will impact brand equity. Good causes generate goodwill.

iStock_000002304211Small_invest and grow.jpgAs a business partner, your organization joins with the Julian Brown Memorial Fund in supporting the achievement of children and teens in the areas of scholarship, athleticism and character. As a partner your organization will sponsor scholarships, programs or special campaigns.  Should you elect to offer one or more scholarships, each will be given in the name of your organization.  We recognize that businesses are driven by different motivations for charitable giving. In recognition of this fact, each partnership is given special attention.  Please email Mr. Edgar Brown to discuss a program tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. Edgar can be reached at ebrown@julianfund.org

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