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Understanding Online Donations

Online donations require the use of a debit (no PIN required) or credit card.  Your transaction is immediately authorized and the dollars are posted to your credit card account or immediately subtracted from your checking account.  We request your email address so that we can send you an immediate confirmation of your donation.  You should retain this email confirmation as evidence of your contribution for IRS or state income tax reporting purposes.

Setting-Up an Account

When purchasing from our Gift Catalog, we require that you establish an account with us so that you can track the number of gifts that you purchase on behalf of others and so that we can capture information that will permit us to a) authorize a transaction online, which requires your credit card information and your mailing address; b)provide a confirmation of your transaction via email, c) accurately record your name and state of residence on a scholarship or scholarship share, and d) so that we can send you information regarding our upcoming fundraising endeavors.


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